Current Roster of Octoblock Contributors

As Octoblock is intended to run as a decentralized entity, those starting the project will only be contributing to its creation and will be revoking all rights of ownership once the project is self-sustainable.

Squid Star has created some of the most incredible marketing campaigns within crypto. As a heavyweight hitter and consultant for several different cryptocurrency organizations, Octoblock is Squid Star's first foray into creating a truly crowd-governed protocol that can self-sustenance for years to come.

Tide Fintech used to be a tax accountant for a large bank head office in London, when one day, after speaking with an old friend at a Canary Wharf cafe, he realized the strangled red tape of traditional finance did not offer any challenge anymore, and began creating project drafts and tokenomics for teams. This is Octovious's second swing at a fully decentralized project, but he has consulted on countless others and provided venture capital to one well-known cryptocurrency team.

Octovo was the driving force behind the community management of several meme coins. Bringing experience in keeping the community active, driven, and supportive was a key part of the success of these previous tokens. Games, competitions, and a cool place to hang out are what Octovo loves best.

Big Puffer has worked as project lead for a number of digital finance intiatives, including start-up banks and digital payment services. Puffer is brought in as the Head of Operations, with driving the project development forward as her main task.

GS is one of the lead financial advisors in South East Asia. Originally from Scandinavia, after settling in Asia to assist foreigners with investment decisions, GS is bringing their strategies on-chain for the benefit of Octoblock in the hope of helping research and protect the ancient Greenland Shark.

All Contributors are associated with, or team members of other prominent projects and, as such, will remain anonymous. PEPE, SHIB, Bitcoin, BAYC, Olympus, and even the Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus mechanism were created by anonymous developers and they managed to succeed in the same way that Octoblock will.

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