Saltwater Sweepstake

Monthly lottery to OCTO holders.

Octoblock is delighted to introduce the Saltwater Sweepstake, an exclusive monthly draw that offers our valued OCTO token holders the opportunity to win a share of accumulated funds. This enticing sweepstake is designed to distribute proceeds in a random manner to a selected address within the OCTO community.

Each OCTO token possessed by an address will be regarded as a single entry or 'ticket' into the sweepstake. Simplified, the greater the number of tokens an address holds, the higher the probability of securing a win. This proportional system of entries ensures a fair and equitable chance for all participants while encouraging the holding of OCTO tokens.

The eligibility for the sweepstake is determined by a snapshot taken for the Nautilus Trove distribution, which occurs monthly. The timing of the lottery draw is meticulously set to occur subsequent to this snapshot, with the distribution of the sweepstake prize immediately following the draw.

The prize pool for the Saltwater Sweepstake is a direct reflection of the profits accrued in the Nautilus Trove. As such, the sweepstake prize is not a predetermined amount but rather a dynamic sum that correlates with the financial success of the Nautilus Trove during the given month.

Upon the successful transmission of the prize to the winning address, the draw is deemed complete. It is of paramount importance for winners to maintain secure access to their wallets, as the transaction on the blockchain is irrevocable. In the unfortunate event of loss of access to a wallet, Octoblock is unable to reissue funds, and the compromised wallet address will be permanently removed from the sweepstake database. This protocol underscores the importance of robust security practices among our community members.

Octoblock is committed to conducting these sweepstake events with the utmost transparency and integrity, ensuring that all participants have confidence in the fairness of the draw and the equitable distribution of prizes. We eagerly anticipate celebrating the success of our token holders through this exciting Saltwater Sweepstake and wish all participants the best of luck.

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