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Enter to Win a New 2024 Tesla Model 3

Octoblock acknowledges the critical state of our marine ecosystems, which are currently threatened by increasing global temperatures, the melting of polar ice caps, and the subsequent adverse effects on oceanic flora and fauna. To address this environmental challenge, Octoblock is committed to implementing a series of measures aimed at combatting climate change and promoting the well-being of our marine habitats.

In partnership with The Tentacle Trust, as delineated on this page, Octoblock endeavors to highlight the significant carbon reduction potential of electric vehicles. Research indicates that the adoption of electric vehicles can result in a reduction of carbon emissions by as much as 66%¹. Leveraging this data, Octoblock is excited to announce a special initiative: a Tesla Giveaway exclusive to ICO participants. For every OCTO token purchased, the buyer will receive one entry into the giveaway. For instance, a purchase of 10 OCTO tokens will equate to ten entries.

The draw for the Tesla Giveaway will be conducted subsequent to the conclusion of the ICO. Each participant's number of entries will correspond to the quantity of OCTO tokens they hold, and a winner will be selected at random. The prize will be distributed in USDC to the wallet address holding the OCTO tokens. The total prize amount will be disclosed by the contributors prior to the drawing.

Terms and Conditions:

Octoblock and its affiliates shall be referred to as 'The Project.'

The winner of the drawing shall be referred to as 'The Recipient.'

  1. Notification of Winners: The Recipient will be notified via the contact information provided within their ICO account. Should The Recipient fail to respond within 48 hours, a new drawing will be conducted, and an alternative winner will be selected.

  2. Prize Valuation: The Project reserves the discretion to award the value equivalent to a full-option Tesla Model 3 in USD stablecoin, based on the local market pricing for The Recipient.

  3. Additional Costs: The Project bears no responsibility for any additional expenses such as transfer fees, taxes, insurance, vehicle upgrades, or any other charges that exceed the advertised retail recommended price (RRP). All ancillary costs will be borne by The Recipient.

  4. Vehicle Preferences: In the event that The Project facilitates the Tesla purchase on behalf of The Recipient, The Recipient may express their preferences for certain vehicle specifications, such as color. However, the fulfillment of these preferences is subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.

  5. Compliance with Local Laws: It is incumbent upon The Recipient to ensure compliance with their local laws and regulations regarding the acceptance of giveaway prizes.

¹ Sources: MIT and Carbon Brief

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