Nautilus Trove Expanded

Further Expansion of Functions and Details

The Nautilus Trove is designed to generate value and yield for OCTO holders and support public charitable endeavors while enhancing the Trove's value through astutely managed assets. The strategy for value generation commences with an initial capital injection from contributors, which serves as the foundational seed funding for the Trove's expansion. This initial funding phase is strategically planned, starting conservatively and potentially increasing significantly during the later stages of the project's Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

The Trove's asset inflow is structured around three primary avenues:

  • Initial Capital Investment: This forms the foundation of the Trove seed value, which initial backers contribute.

  • Tax Revenue: 2% buy and 2% sales tax applied within the tokenomics framework is directly funneled into the treasury, alongside a 2% transfer tax.

  • DeFi Strategy Gains: Revenue generated from cumulative gains through DeFi strategies.

In its initial phase, the Trove will exclusively deploy assets into DeFi strategies to ensure a stable, lower-risk income stream. As the Trove's value reaches a to-be-determined threshold, it will diversify into alternative investment avenues as outlined:

  • 75% in DeFi Strategy: This includes farming, staking, and arbitraging, chosen for their lower risk profile and consistent income potential.

  • 25% in Diversified Investments and Revenue Generation: This portion is allocated to investments in revenue-generating products or services, including but not limited to stocks, other yield-bearing assets, or direct investment into businesses, to generate a substantial yield return.

This strategic approach ensures a balanced mix of stability and growth potential for the Nautilus Trove, aligning with its mission to benefit OCTO holders and contribute to charitable causes effectively.

ICO and Treasury Management Overview

During the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), the seed capital provided by contributors will be allocated on a weekly basis. As the ICO draws to a close, a comprehensive review of the ICO's performance will be conducted, followed by an injection of additional capital to support further growth.

The management of the treasury will initially be overseen by the contributors through a secure 3/4 multi-signature contract wallet. This wallet's address will be made public to facilitate transparent tracking of asset value.

During ICO, rewards will be distributed as laid out in the ICO Staking page.

Regarding post-launch monthly rewards distribution, the USDC airdrops are scheduled to begin within three weeks of the completion of the Octoblock ICO. The airdrop's timing, alongside the treasury asset/drop value recording, will be meticulously synchronized but not publicly announced until a snapshot of holders is complete. This strategy is designed to prevent any manipulation of the system by users who might attempt to temporarily buy and hold assets to become eligible for the airdrop.

The allocation of USDC to holders will be proportional to their share of the holdings. For instance, if an individual possesses 0.1% of the non-LP OCTO supply at the snapshot moment, they will receive 0.1% of the USDC allocated for that month's airdrop. This ensures a fair and equitable distribution based on the percentage of holdings. Unfortunately, anyone holding OCTO in LP will be ineligible for the distribution, but will be able to take advantage of any farming rewards or LP fees generated.

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