Tentacle Trust Governance

Allocation of Charity Donations and Decentralized Governance System

In the initial phase, the Contributors will be responsible for determining the allocation of charity donations. Commencing from Q4 2024, the contributors will introduce Snapshot.org's decentralized governance system to empower the community in deciding the recipients of the charity donations.

Snapshot Governance System

The Snapshot system will allow OCTO holders to cast weighted votes based on the quantity of OCTOs they possess, granting higher voting power to those holding more OCTO tokens. In cases of multiple-choice voting, the voting power can be distributed among the available options.

Proposal and Voting Process

All individuals will have the opportunity to propose a charity, and voters will then be able to cast their votes on the suggested charitable organizations. It is important to note that only registered charities will be eligible for consideration, as unregistered charities will not be included in the voting process. The oversight of this process will be managed by a Contributor or a designated group of community members.

Election of Community Members

For those interested in taking on roles related to the oversight of charity allocation, they must be elected through Snapshot voting, ensuring a democratic and transparent selection process.

This revised version aims to provide a clearer and more professional explanation of the charity donation allocation process and the implementation of the Snapshot governance system.

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