OCTO Token Launch Day: Distribution Details

The launch of OCTO tokens is a highly anticipated event, and we aim to ensure that all ICO participants receive their tokens in an efficient and secure manner. Here's what you need to know about the distribution process.

Token Distribution Method

  • Unified Timing: OCTO tokens will be allocated to ICO participants at the same time, ensuring a fair and systematic distribution.

  • Industry Standard Tools: A bulk sender tool will be utilized for the token distribution, following standard practices within the industry. Due to bulk sender limitations, 500 addresses will be dropped at a time in quick succession.

Expertise of Octoblock Contributors

  • Skilled Team: The Octoblock contributors are seasoned professionals with extensive knowledge of the procedures for token airdrops.

  • No Preliminary Test Drops: We have decided against conducting any test drops before the official launch. Doing so is not deemed necessary, and it prevents potential scams by avoiding premature liquidity pool creation.

Wallet Preparation for Participants

  • Accurate Wallet Information: Participants must verify that their Octoblock account has the correct wallet address listed for receiving OCTO tokens.

  • Non-Custodial Wallet Requirement: It is essential that the wallet address provided is associated with a non-custodial wallet, for example:

    • MetaMask

    • TrustWallet

  • Centralized Exchange Wallets: Centralized exchange wallets should not be used to receive OCTO tokens, with the exception of wallets from our verified exchange partners. These partnerships will be communicated clearly before the launch.

The OCTO token distribution is a key phase for our project and supporters. We advise all participants to prepare their wallets accordingly and look forward to a successful launch day. Stay updated for any further instructions as we approach the event.

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