The Tentacle Trust

Charitable donations made from Octoblock.

Objective: The Tentacle Trust represents a strategic collaboration between the Octoblock team and its community, aiming to support charitable organizations dedicated to the conservation of marine life, the purification of ocean waters, and the mitigation of human impact on marine ecosystems.

Funding Source: Financial contributions to the Tentacle Trust will be sourced from the Nautilus Trove.

Community Engagement: Holders of OCTO tokens are empowered to participate in the philanthropic process by casting monthly votes to determine the recipient of the Tentacle Trust's donations.

Potential Beneficiaries: A non-exhaustive list of potential beneficiary organizations includes:

  • World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

  • Coral Reef Alliance

  • PADI Project Aware

  • Ocean Conservancy

Commitment to Sustainability: The Octoblock contributors believe that technological progress should not come at the expense of our planet's health, particularly our oceans, among Earth's most vital and intricate ecosystems. As a testament to this ethos, a fixed percentage of Octoblock's Nautilus Trove profits will be perpetually allocated and donated to these pivotal environmental causes.

By holding OCTO tokens, investors contribute indirectly but effectively to combat the adverse effects of human activity on the marine environment, thereby helping to preserve our world for future generations.

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