ICO Staking

Earn OCTO and USDC During Presale

During the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) phase and prior to the official launch, any OCTO tokens acquired are immediately recorded and included in the ICO staking process. Each week, OCTO tokens are credited to investors' account balances, with the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) prominently displayed on the official website. This APY staking arrangement is designed as an expression of gratitude to early investors and to ensure that capital is actively employed throughout the ICO stage.

Furthermore, USDC will be allocated and distributed to the wallet addresses provided in investor's Octoblock accounts. This USDC distribution is factored into the APY calculations displayed. These distributions will be a weekly event.

The APY presented during the ICO is calculated based on the price of OCTO at that particular stage of the offering. Post-launch distributions will reflect the APY based on OCTO's market price at the time the snapshot is taken.

Please note that while the APY may fluctuate, it is guaranteed to be no less than 10% during the ICO phase, with the expected value being significantly more.

It is imperative to provide a wallet address to your Octoblock ICO account. Failure to do so will result in the distribution of only OCTO tokens, as USDC cannot be transmitted without a designated receiving address.

Octoblock's staking rewards stand out as a superior option compared to other projects offering similar incentives. While various ICO projects may offer staking rewards akin to Octoblock, it is crucial to recognize the distinctions between them. Many of these projects entice users with unsustainably high Annual Percentage Yields (APYs), leading to eventual project failures. In contrast, Octoblock sets itself apart by leveraging Beefy Finance to generate yield returns, ensuring that its APYs remain within sustainable ranges. By incorporating Beefy Finance, Octoblock provides users with the confidence that its staking rewards are not only attractive in the short term but also sustainable and viable in the long run. This approach positions Octoblock as a more reliable and secure option for individuals seeking to engage in staking rewards within the cryptocurrency ecosystem

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