The Nautilus Trove

Introducing a NEW way to participate in DeFi!

The Nautilus Trove is an innovative revenue generation system designed to benefit OCTO token holders. It leverages a dual-strategy approach to ensure both steady income streams and growth potential. Here's how it's structured:

Allocation of Resources:

  • 75% dedicated to DeFi Strategy: This portion focuses on farming, staking, and arbitraging. It's a lower-risk approach aimed at generating consistent returns.

  • 25% allocated for Investments and Revenue Generation: This involves putting capital into revenue-generating ventures, such as stocks, other assets with yield potential, or businesses, to create a yield return.

Profit Distribution:

  • 45% of the profits are distributed to OCTO token holders based on the percentage of the token supply they own. This comes in the form of a monthly airdrop in USDC, directed to the wallets holding OCTO at the snapshot time. Further details about the snapshot are available on the Nautilus Trove Expanded page.

  • 10% of the profits go to the early growth DeFi managers as a performance fee, paid in stablecoin.

  • 5% is allocated to the Saltwater Sweepstake fund, which awards a random OCTO holder once a month.

  • 5% contributes to The Tentacle Trust, which supports the protection and preservation of our oceans and marine life.

  • The remaining 35% is reinvested into the portfolio. Monthly rebalancing ensures alignment with the original strategy. For instance, if the value of Investment and Revenue generation assets increase drastically in price, some will be sold out and transferred into DeFi strategy. This is in line with the allocation strategy.

The Nautilus Trove is thus designed to offer a balanced, strategic approach to revenue generation and investment, aligning with the interests of OCTO token holders and contributing to broader environmental causes.

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